Avoid losing rankings, traffic and money!

The World's first software to pinpoint and eliminate duplicate content on your website or ecommerce platform – even before launch!      

DCFinder is the first software in the world that successfully mimics the way search engines crawl and index a website INCLUDING all duplicate content. DCFinder pinpoints duplicate content on your website so you can eliminate it and avoid losing rankings, traffic and money!   

"I downloaded DCFinder and ran a test of an ecommerce site that I was almost ready to put online. I found several errors generating duplicate content in less than 2 hours. I think it might have saved days of work. Thank you for this long-awaited SEO tool."

Massimo Tabanelli, Verona Itali 

Selected features and benefits: 

Get as close as possible to the way Google, Bing, and Yahoo! "see" your content - including all Duplicate Content. DCFinder's advanced algorithm even recognizes "noindex", robots.txt, and the canonical URL tag! 

Automatically scan your entire website and identify Duplicate Content caused by bad programming and/or replicated text.

Get full, detailed reports including rendered pages of all Duplicate Content. 

Scan your website or ecommerce platform while it's live or still on the development server. 

Control how DCFinder crawls and scans your website via the easy-to-use interface. Get alerts at e.g. 30%, 50%, og 80% similarity. 

Try DCFinder for 30 days

Duplicate Content means: 

- Your pages will be filtered out by   Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. 

- Your site will lose vital link value

- Your site will lose rankings

- You will lose MONEY!

Duplicate Content is detrimental to your search enging rankings, your traffic levels, and your revenue. Unfortunately, identifying Duplicate Content is difficult and time-consuming - especially if you don't know exactly how search engines view your content. 

Whether you're an SEO or a Webmaster, DCFinder is one of the most valuable SEO tools, you'll ever put into your SEO toolkit!


"What a wake up call! I crawled and scanned the first of my sites in less than 1.5 hours and found so much duplicate content. I probably never would have found it without this webmaster tool. Thank you!"

- Ironman, Denmark

"I purchased the software yesterday and I've already discovered at least one error in the CMS we use. DCFinder is very user friendly."

Boe, Denmark

"What really amazes me is the possibility to crawl and scan on a development server! No other program can do this and I estimate that DC Finder will save me many hours every month. This is the single most important SEO Tool in my toolbox!"

Ricky F., Florida

Extremely advanced algorithms have been used in DCFinder to get as close as possible to the way Google and Bing “see” a website. For instance, the crawler technology has been developed to follow the same conventions as the search engines with respect to robots.txt, the so-called “noindex” commands, and of course the use of the Canonical URL tag, to name a few examples.

As a “duplicate content finder”, DCFinder spiders links from a website which it is pointed to, much the same way as a Human User and a search engine bot would click / follow links on a website, generate a list of all the links which can possibly be generated from that website, then search each of those page contents for duplicate words, phrases, and content blocks.Double Click to edit this text

Behind this Webmaster Tool / SEO Tool is:
Almost 13 years of SEO experience, several books published and a popular keynote speaker in Scandinavia: Thomas Rosenstand, SEO Specialist and CEO of Ciaps Inc. 

Rock solid experience and a financially strong company is your guarantee for continued development and support!

No Obligation, No Recurring Bills!